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Adult Education

Paraprofessional Class

Paraprofessional Class

Training outcomes: The students will receive instruction that will enable them to gain proficiency and/or receive exposure to the skills and competencies related to employers’ needs. Upon completion of this course and passing the Praxis exam, students will be certified as Paraprofessionals for the state of ND, as required by the ND Department of Public Instruction. Participants will receive an ND Certificate of Completion.

Certified Nursing Assistant Classes

Certified Nursing Assistant Classes

  • The Certified Nursing Assistant program consists of 51 classroom hours and 24 clinical hours.
  • Participants will receive a completion certificate from North Valley Career and Technology Center. Participants will also receive certification from the Board of Nursing if they pass the certification testing.

More CNA Information:

North Dakota Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) application form:

Please email if you are interested in challenging the test.

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

  • The focus of the training is the knowledge needed for CDL Certification.
  • Students completing the course will receive a Certificate of Training from North Valley Career and Technology Center.
  • The commercial drivers’ license is issued by the Department of Transportation upon completion of the DOT administered Driving Exam.

Intro to Industry Welding

Intro to Industry Welding

  • The students will receive instruction that will enable them to gain proficiency and or receive exposure to the skills and competencies related to employers’ needs.
  • Students will complete class projects utilizing industrial applications to attain the following skills:
    • Oxy-acetylene cutting on mild steel plates
    • Shielded Metal Arc Welding Process (Stick)
    • Gas and Metal Arc Welding (Wire feed)

For more information or questions, please contact Theresa Hickman, at

High Tech Equipment

The Walsh-Pembina Technology Cooperative is made up of 12 schools: Cavalier, Drayton, Fordville-Lankin, Grafton, Manvel, Midway, Minto, N.B. Pembina, N.B. Walhalla, Park River Area, Valley-Edinburg, and North Valley CTC. The purpose for this cooperative is to rotate High Tech Equipment between member schools. This rotation enables schools to share the cost of equipment. The goal of this rotation is that teachers and students are able to use High Tech Equipment enhancing instruction in certain areas of studies. High Tech gives the opportunity for students to remain competitive in the technology workforce, by developing fundamental skills through experiential learning, with an understanding of technological principles that will guide them to future education and careers.

All equipment can be checked out with North Valley. If you have questions please contact North Valley at 701-352-3705.

W/P Tech. Coop. Information and Resources:

W/P Emerging Technology Catalog

W/P Equipment Request Form

W/P Repair Form

W/P Training Request Form

W/P Module Utilization Form

W/P 2023-2024 Rotation Schedule

W/P 2023-2024 Usage Report

Currently Unavailable:

CNC Embroidery

Upcoming Trainings:

8/19/24 – Walsh/Pembina Display Show

Lori Zahradka

Special Projects Coordinator
701-352-3705, ext. 415

Joey Jiskra

Technology Coordinator

Mike Hanson



North Valley Career and Technology offers Adult Basic Education Classes and GED Testing. 

Learn MoreTo sign up for Adult Basic Education Classes to help you prepare for GED testing, or to schedule a GED exam, please contact instructor Susan Shuley at or call us at 701-352-3705.