Our Mission

At North Valley Career and Technology Center, we are committed to excellence in education by serving diverse populations and providing learning opportunities that reflect the changing needs of the community and workplace.

Our Philosophy

We exist to provide career and technical education to high school students and adults living in the Grafton area. Our programs prepare students for employment through related education and training programs. These programs provide instruction in related basic education, career development, general vocational knowledge, family living skills, and specific occupational skill training.

North Valley’s curriculum combines classroom instruction, laboratory work, participation in youth organizations, and on-the-job training. In the classroom, we center on real-life problems students are likely to meet on the job. Laboratory work provides opportunities for students to work with materials, equipment, and the processes of different jobs in a supervised setting. Through career and technical student organizations, students are involved in activities designed to develop leadership skills and reinforce other aspects of the curriculum. Work experiences combine classroom and on-the-job instruction under the close supervision of qualified instructors/coordinators. A strong background in basic academic skills is the foundation for all learning. The application of academics is infused into the training provided through North Valley’s programs. Preparing students for work also includes providing instruction in work maturity, communications, and other employability skills in addition to more specific skill training. North Valley’s programs also include support services that provide career exploration, planning, and development for students.

At North Valley, we believe that all students have equal rights and are entitled to equal opportunities regardless of race, religion, sex, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, or other status protected by law. Programs are structured and additional support is provided to allow all students to grow and develop to their maximum potential.

We feel that the success of career and technical education depends on a close partnership with the community, particularly with business, industry, and labor. As the labor force grows so will the skill levels required for occupational success. Technology is advancing at a pace that will leave few if any employment opportunities for unskilled or untrained workers. North Valley will meet this challenge by striving to provide quality career and technical programs that will prepare its students for employment in ever-changing environments.


Mike Hanson


Callahan Anderes

Ag Education Instructor

Lisa Tucker

Business Manager

Lori Zahradka

Special Projects Coordinator

Joey Jiskra

Technology Coordinator

Valerie Heuchert

Health Science Instructor

Theresa Hickman

Adult Ed Coordinator

Brian Bork

Construction Tech Instructor

Randy Kennedy

Auto Technology Instructor

Joey Demers

Marketing Instructor

Susan Shuley

Business Education Instructor

Keythe Flaagan

Vocational Counselor

Bryan Stastny

Welding Instructor

Molly Zahradka

Ag Education Instructor

Brent Arndt

Ag Education Instructor

Jayce Schumacher

Work-Based Learning Coordinator

Member Schools

North Valley Board Representative: Michael Larson
Dean Ralston, Superintendent
Michael Babinski, Principal
108 S. 5th St.
Drayton, ND 58225

North Valley Board Representative: Maggie Suda
Darren Albrecht, Superintendent
Randy Rice, Principal
1548 School Road
Grafton, ND 58237

North Valley Board Representative: Brad Becker
Jason Keating, Superintendent
3202 33rd Ave.
Inkster, ND 58244

Linda Lutovsky, Superintendent
Shane Robinson, Principal
200 4th St.
Minto, ND 58261

North Valley Board Representative: Brad Brummond, President
Aaron Schramm, Superintendent
Frank Justin, Principal
704 5th St. W.
Park River, ND 58270

North Valley Board Representative: Dan Johnson
Kierstin Hurtt, Superintendent
Brandon Laxdal, Principal
P.O. Box 129
Crystal, ND 58222

Student of the Month

William Jiskra

Grade 12

Son of Kevin and Jean Jiskra, Grafton. Will is enrolled in three marketing classes and excelled in construction class last year and during his Summer Internship at Presteng Construction.

Tech Honor Society

As a member of the North Valley Technical Honor Society, I pledge to maintain the highest standard of personal conduct. I will apply myself to continue a record of scholastic achievement, and I will strive for excellence in all aspects of my education.

I will invest my talents, my skills and my knowledge in a career of my own choosing, and shall always endeavor to uphold my obligations as a citizen of my community and my country.

19-20 & 20-21 Inductees

Luis Balderas Jr.
Julia Dusek
Signe Ekman
Bryan Flanders
Anthony Gonzalez
Reagan Hanson
William Jiskra
Samuel Johnson
Kody Keeley
Joseph Kram
Jadrian Moe
Grace Narloch
Agustin Obregon
Ryan O’Toole

Kydyn Pastorek
Kenneth Porter
Gillian Rahn
Tayla Redepenning
Casey Rudnik
Tucker Satterlund
Greer Schumacher
Cassie Sieben
Elizabeth Suda
Kasey Stegman
Ella Thompson
Andrew Votava
Molly West
Landon Woinarowicz
Jonah Zikmund